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Martynenko Alexander Valentinovitch, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, sub-department of general history, Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute (11a Studencheskaya street, Saransk, Russia),

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Background. The urgency of studying the Ismail Gasprinsky’s concept is due to the cultural revival of Islam in Modern Russia. This revival has a significant impact not only on the confessional situation, but also on the formation of the all-Russian identity, citizenship and patriotism.
Materials and methods. The article is based on the published works of Ismail Gasprinsky. The work uses the civilizational methodology, which is based on a deep analysis of the religious heritage as a civilizational foundation of a particular country or epoch.
Results. Based on the Ismail Gasprinsky’s creative heritage, the author analyzed the influence of Jadid ideas on formation of patriotic values and the all-Russian identity among Russian Muslims.
Conclusions. The influence of the ideas of Jadids (in particular Ismail Gasprinsky) on the modern Muslim Ummah of Russia is quite large, thus allows us to speak about their important role in shaping the all-Russian civil identity.

Key words

Jadids, Islam, Russia, identity, patriotism

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